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Notes On a Wet Cocktail Napkin:
Memories of Bernard's Surf... and Beyond

In the early 1950s, a humble building in the heart of a sleepy little beach town offered "GOOD FOOD," "cocktails" and, a necessity in the tropical climate, "air conditioning". The building was Bernard's Surf and the town was Cocoa Beach, newly incorporated and on the early end of a building boom thanks to the nearby space program at Kennedy Space Center. Years later, Bernard's nephew, Rusty Fischer, would take over the restaurant and steer it through the next 50 years of launches, space programs, celebrity visits, recessions, renovations and revelations. In Notes on a Wet Cocktail Napkin, Fischer recounts his decades in the restaurant business and his particular insights into a not-so-little-anymore town called Cocoa Beach. Along the way he pens the history of not just Bernard's Surf, but the town that hosted it and, of course, the space program that launched it into international recognition!


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